The story I heard was that the “Kung” opening (F5 D6 C3 D3 C4 F4 F6 B4) was originally named “Kling”, after Arnold Kling, an Othello player in America. But a Russian guy who made the list of opening names which ended up getting popularized, misread “Kling” as “Kung”, and the openings became known as Kung and No Kung (F5 D6 C3 D3 C4 F4 F6 G5), even though there is no player named “Kung”.

Ideally this would have been fixed early on, but it hasn’t been. Should we make an effort now? We could change how we refer to the openings, etc., and try to contact those who use and run those lists, to fix the error. Or is it too cemented at this point?

I think an association with Arnold Kling is a very positive one. He used to run one of the most popular economics blogs in the world, for example.

And what do the Japanese players call these openings?