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Upcoming OTHELLO Tournaments:

2024 National
Manhattan, NY
July 13-14*, 2024

*subject to change

2024 USOA Open / North American Confederation Tournament
La Crescenta, CA
July 27-28, 2024

Contact Kevin Ruby ( for details.

42th World Othello Championship
Prague Czech Republic
October 9 – 12, 2018


Live coverage of the 40th World Othello Championship



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Are You New To The Othello Scene? These Free Resources Will Help You.


The best resource for learning comprehensive strategy is Brian Rose’s free Othello ebook-

The US Othello Association’s official website is (surprise! you’re here already!), it has some resources as well, including a blog (self-referentialism for the win!). Tournaments are usually listed on this domain.

There is also a Facebook group page for the USA Othello association located here:, we announce upcoming tournaments on that page as well. The Facebook page also has Othello puzzle posts which you may enjoy. Sometimes there are Othello lessons being organized there, too.

There is also a mailing list It is also a good way to potentially make new American or international Othello friends/connections.

Currently, the tournaments for 2017 have not been announced yet. However, there are usually three qualifying tournaments for the world championship — one in the west coast, one in the east […]

Should we try to rename the “Kung” and “No Kung” openings to “Kling” and “No Kling”?

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The story I heard was that the “Kung” opening (F5 D6 C3 D3 C4 F4 F6 B4) was originally named “Kling”, after Arnold Kling, an Othello player in America. But a Russian guy who made the list of opening names which ended up getting popularized, misread “Kling” as “Kung”, and the openings became known as Kung and No Kung (F5 D6 C3 D3 C4 F4 F6 G5), even though there is no player named “Kung”.

Ideally this would have been fixed early on, but it hasn’t been. Should we make an effort now? We could change how we refer to the openings, etc., and try to contact those who use and run those lists, to fix the error. Or is it too cemented at this point?

I think an association with Arnold Kling is a very positive one. He used to run […]

Belated results of the Kanagawa Open


I placed 2nd out of 56 players. I think this was a good result, it was better than I was expecting. Yusuke Takanashi (surprise!) won the tournament with no losses at all. And I had a lot more discs than anyone else on 5 wins, but Takanashi had WAY more discs than I had, so his performance must have been quite dominating.

I really enjoyed meeting a lot of Japanese players again (Kyoko, Tiger Lady, Jo Nakano, Takashi Yamakawa, etc.), as well as plenty of the players visiting for WOC, like Ilya and Leonid Shifman, the Germans (including Matthias Berg’s Dad, who I hadn’t seen in 14 years!), Imre Leader, the Swedes, Brian and Yoko Rose, Takuji Kashiwabara, etc. I wonder if it’s the most non-Japanese players to ever play in a Japanese tournament?

I particularly enjoyed meeting Takeshi Murakami again. He […]

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