So, last night I dreamt that I lost to Yusuke Takanashi 4 times during the WOC. And I wasn’t very happy about it, too.

And when I woke up I was like “that’s crazy, it isn’t even possible to lose to Takanashi 4 times in the WOC, I can only lose 3 times maximum”.

But then I remembered that I signed up for the 10×10 WOC as well, which Takanashi is also playing in. So I actually can lose to Takanashi 4 times.

So, wow, my subconscious is A) smarter than me, and B) being mean to me :).

As for why I chose the 10×10 WOC instead of Octagon (assuming they won’t let me play in both tournaments), well first of all, the responses I got when asking which tournament I should play in were remarkably 50/50, so overall you guys were no help at all :). But it was fun to hear people’s reasoning and all the discussion and stuff!

But then I saw that the info on who was playing in the tournaments got updated, and I saw there was a Murderer’s Row of Japanese players in the 10×10 tournament, and so as a tiebreaker of course I had to choose that one :).

I mean, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to go up against:
Makoto Suekuni
Yusuke Takanashi
Hiroshi Goto
Tetsuya Nakajima (who I think is especially strong in 10×10 and other Othello variants)
… and all the other strong non-Japanese players in that tournament? 🙂

Clearly my subconscious is on to something- I am a sucker for punishment!!