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November 1 – 4, 2016


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A discussion of a midgame position, with Edmund Yiu


Edmund Yiu and I had a discussion a while back in Google Docs about a position that interested him. I’m lazy but occasionally creative, so I finally realized I could just post a link to the Google Doc, and then you guys can read the discussion-article in Google Docs.

By the way, Google Docs can be an awesome resource for co-writing things, or turning live discussions into articles straightaway, and that kind of thing, and it’s easy to insert pictures.





When your subconscious is being mean to you…



So, last night I dreamt that I lost to Yusuke Takanashi 4 times during the WOC. And I wasn’t very happy about it, too.

And when I woke up I was like “that’s crazy, it isn’t even possible to lose to Takanashi 4 times in the WOC, I can only lose 3 times maximum”.

But then I remembered that I signed up for the 10×10 WOC as well, which Takanashi is also playing in. So I actually can lose to Takanashi 4 times.

So, wow, my subconscious is A) smarter than me, and B) being mean to me :).

As for why I chose the 10×10 WOC instead of Octagon (assuming they won’t let me play in both tournaments), well first of all, the responses I got when asking which tournament I should play in were remarkably 50/50, so overall you guys were no […]

My Self-Assessment for the 2016 World Othello Championship


In some past years I had projections for other players but this year I think it’s the least I’ve ever known about other players so I’m going in partially blind.

But I know myself pretty well at this point so I figured maybe that’s an interesting topic for some people who want the latest gossip. And since I’ve got some of the best gossip on me- here is some personal gossip!

To start with I think this is the least seriously I am taking any world championship I have played in yet. This is mostly because after last year and a couple of other previous World Championships I realized how much it does ruin a lot of the fun of the world championship to take it super-seriously (duh). It ruined the fun even to the point where, even if I had won […]

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